Defective Trigger Mechanism in Remington 700 Series Bolt Action Rifles

Remington introduced the Model 700 in 1962. The rifle, as originally sold, was equipped with the Walker Fire Control mechanism. This trigger mechanism is defective and has resulted in an alarming number of misfire incidents and resulting injuries and deaths. In short, the mechanism allows the rifle to fire when moving the safety lock from safe mode to fire mode and on other occasions when the bolt is touched.

Despite hundreds of injuries and deaths, hundreds of lawsuits, tens of millions paid in settlements, and a new design introduced in 2007, Remington will not admit that the Walker Fire Control is defective or even warn the unsuspecting public. Perhaps more troubling, even after its former President and CEO (Thomas Millner) admitted that its new fire control (the X Mark Pro) is safer and designed to prevent discharges without a trigger pull, Remington will not recall the numerous rifles in the field containing the old and unsafe fire control.

At Hightower Angelley LLP, we are in possession of over 5,000 documented complaints of unintended discharge from Remington bolt action rifles containing the Walker Fire Control. We also have thousands of pages of internal company memos, test data and other documents proving that Remington has known about this defect for many years.

The discharge of a firearm without a trigger pull strongly suggests a product defect and creates an extremely hazardous condition. Manufacturers must prevent this condition where technically feasible.

Hightower Angelley LLP currently represents clients in Alaska, Washington, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico, Arkansas and Georgia related to Remington’s defective product.

If you, a loved one, or a friend has been injured in a hunting accident or from a gunshot, the Remington firearm itself may be to blame. Only an experienced firearms attorney familiar with the Remington Rifle Defect can make this factual and legal analysis. At Hightower Angelley LLP, we consult with gunshot victims and their families at no charge. We can help you navigate the difficult and complex waters related to a claim against a firearms manufacture. There is no charge to you even if we accept your case and begin working for you. We only charge you once the matter has resolved in your favor with a settlement or a court judgment. If no settlement is obtained, or if we do not win your case, you owe nothing.