General aviation is a broad term used to describe private and commercial flights in smaller aircraft. The scope of the term encompasses pretty much everything other than military flights and regularly scheduled airline and cargo flights.

Litigating general aviation crashes, whether involving airplanes or helicopters, can be quite complex. There are numerous possible causes of such crashes, including, among others:

(1) pilot error;
(2) faulty maintenance;
(3) design or manufacturing defects; and
(4) negligence by Air Traffic Controllers.

Additionally, general aviation crashes frequently occur during interstate flights, may involve pilots and passengers that live in different states, and often involve manufactures and maintenance facilities that are located in different states. These factors can raise complicated choice of law and jurisdictional issues that must be analyzed in the earliest stages of the case. Moreover, if an aircraft or component part is more than eighteen years old, the case may be precluded outright by the General Aviation Revitalization Act of 1994 .

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