Remington Admits Up to 10,000 Reports of Unintended Discharge, Including Up to 200 in its Own Testing Since 2002

by hightangle on November 24, 2010

Hightower Angelley’s Jeff Hightower, Jr., the only attorney to take the deposition of a designated Remington representative since before 1994, did so for the second time on November 10, 2010.  This time, Remington made at least three startling admissions.

First, Remington admits that it has received up to 10,000 reports of unintended discharge for its Walker fire control:

Q.      As a representative of Remington, are you aware with regard to how many reports Remington has received of unintended discharge for its firearms containing a trigger connector?

A.      Somewhere between 5 and 10,000.

Second, and perhaps more alarming, Remington admits that rifles containing the Walker fire control have released the firing pin absent a trigger pull in Remington’s own testing up to 200 times.  It is important to note that this estimate is for 2002 to the present only ; Remington has been making the Walker fire control since the 1940s.

Q.      How many times since 2002 have Remington’s connector-containing bolt action rifles fired absent a trigger pull during gallery testing?

A.      Possibly between 100 and 200 is a guess.

Hightower also asked if an examination could be made of the up to 200 units that released the firing pin without a trigger pull since 2002.  Not only are the fire control mechanisms unavailable, there are no records kept regarding the test failures:

Q.      And for the 100 to 200 times that the rifles containing the connector discharged absent a trigger pull, is there any documentation other than the event itself with regard to the occurrence?  And by that, I mean is there — are there any measurements taken, are there any photographs taken, is there any video taken, anything  to document the –

A.      No.

Q.      — actual state of the fire control?

A.      I am unaware of any documents.

Hightower Angelley attorneys are committed to being the leading advocates for those killed or injured by Remington’s defective fire control mechanism.

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Spencer F. Cole November 25, 2010 at 4:02 am

After having seen the CNBC report, “Remington under Fire”, and seeing the information posted here, there is no room for doubt as to Remington ‘s liability and complete lack of ethics and decency. This was a problem that should never have happened, but, given it was based on decisions made decades ago, history cannot be undone.

The damning evidence against the arms maker is that they have knowingly continued to produce the “Walker” trigger and are still selling it on today’s market. Basically, they have been dancing on the head of a legal pin and trying to bluff their way through, rather than do the right thing.

As a gun owner, hunter and collector, I believe that Remington crossed the line between unethical practices to criminal activity years ago and they continue deeper in to that criminality with every rifle they ship out of the door with the flawed trigger design. This is compounded by the fact that they have, for sometime now, marketed a safe trigger design that is completely interchangeable with the “Walker” trigger. There is no valid reason the trigger should even be in production.

If the emphasis and focus of litigation again Remington were shifted to the filing of criminal charges against the CEO and upper management of Remington and it’s parent company, this outrage would be stopped. These top company executives should be specifically and individually held responsible for their actions and decisions. They have knowingly, and with full knowledge of the problems associated with this design, left it in production . There is no better motivator than having one’s rear end on the line to effect drastic change in company policy. The production of the potentially deadly trigger could then be halted once and for all.

I am appalled at the callous disregard for innocent lives shown By Remington
in this demonstration of corporate greed and and moral corruption.
If someone should ever wonder what a human life is worth, they need look no further that Remington Arms for the answer…..nothing, or as little as they can cut a deal for in a settlement. What a blatant display of evil.

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