What Our Clients Say

“Great news on the settlement. A really awesome result and a real testament to how much respect they have for you. No one else could have gotten that money on this case under these factual circumstances.”

“You are my go to guy in the metroplex- no doubt about it.”
Referring Attorney

“It was indeed a pleasure speaking with you today. You were always a joy to have in my corner and I appreciate it.”
Marcia S

“I have been a successful business owner for most of my life and have hired many lawyers in many different states. Having enjoyed the legal advice, counsel, and trial advocacy of Jeff Hightower and his team, I would not step foot in a courtroom without them.”
Dave C

“Jeff, It appears this deal is closing and I just wanted to send you a note saying thank you for everything you did for Charlie. We appreciate all the hard work that you and staff put into this very much. Again thanks so much and if we ever need an Attorney in the future you will be the first to get the call….”
Sammy B

“If you are involved in a hunting accident, call Jeff Hightower first. My case settled within six months.”
Doug S.

“I would recommend William Angelley to anyone seeking legal representation regarding auto accident and medical coverage for injuries suffered as a result. Wil was professional, courteous, and genuine. He seemed to want what was best for me. He got a full settlement from a stubborn insurance company known to have a “deny, deny, deny” policy. Wil provided continuous communication throughout all phases of the case keeping me informed of the latest activity. Two Thumbs Up!”
John Wasson

“Jeff handled my hunting accident case with professionalism and skill from start to finish.”
Megan Dailey

“Wil Angelley has a great legal mind backed by practical experience. He has provided me exceptional counsel through the years.
Wil Angelley wins cases. The results speak for themselves.”
Richard Nelson

“Wil, Thank you so much for what you have done for us. It means a lot to us.”

“Thank you so much Wil for all you have done to help me and my daughters through this very difficult time. Your hard work and diligence made all of the difference for us.”

“Wil, I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work on my case. We knew the case was tough from the beginning, but you saw what others did not and were able to get my kids and me taken care of. Thank you!”

“Thank you Wil for helping my kids and I through our terrible loss. We will be forever grateful.”